Thursday, July 29, 2010

Craft List For The Year

So after my party I have been a lil low on craft ideas that can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Without becoming too bummed I have decided to create a list of crafts or crafty talents to teach myself by the end of the year but if all the crafty bloggers I read can accomplish this so can I.

  1. Sew this skirt from Freshly Picked 
  2. Learn how to create felt creatures like the ones in Aranzi Aronzo's books like The Cute Book
  3. Learn to knit (like everyone else in the world lol) I am a scarf nut and this way I can create my own.
  4. Finish my wedding scrap book (this involves printing and countless hours of stickering)
  5. Create a more versatile crafting space with more storage (hey i know not a crafting idea but it involves crafting)
  6. Make more head bands of different creatures for friends and become great at it and move on from felt and yarn.....I'm thinking dinos?
  7. Become craftier with my baking skills and that means zombie items oh yeah
  8. Start a quilt from old t-shirts or another material......(yes got the idea from eclipse but who doesn't want a quilt made from snugly old tees?)
  9. Find old frames and revamp them for decoration an framing purposes
  10. Start painting anything and everything I can.
So I give myself a year from today and lets see how far I can get

Here's to a year of crafting

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Wizarding Par-Tay

Whats up my fellow bloggers and bloggetts I know it has been a while but July is a busy month for me. Its my brothers, moms and my birthday within weeks of each other. So for my birthday this  year the big 23 I decided that I would have a Harry Potter themed party to celebrate the 7th movie premiering and the opening of the land at Universal Studios.  I had some start up help from my lovely blogger buddy and Starbucks Partner in Crime, The Lovely Lemon she sent me some ideas to have an awesome party. 

The sign the guest saw before they entered my house

Tapestries in the Living Room

Center Pieces on the tables

 The Floating Candles (excuse the mess)

After the guest ate I had a mass sorting into the four houses of Hogwarts by Sorting Hat! My Mom and Dad did a wonderful job of creating my own song hat that would make JK Rowling jealous.

 Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat Song Before The Sorting

The Prefects: left to right
Gryffindor- Myself
Slytherin- Diana
Ravenclaw- Alex
Hufflepuff- Leanna

The Sorting Was Awesome

After the sorting we all moved to our houses and played an awesome game of Harry Potter Scene It. To the winner went this amazing House Cup also made by my Mom

Oh Scabbers!

The Cup went to Slytherin!

It was a wonderful party and a Harry Potter Party is not complete without Butter Beer!

I want to thank all of the people who came and helped with the creation of this awesome party. At the bottom are links to websites to help you with your Harry Potter Party

I cant wait till my next themed party!  What ideas can you think of?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wonderful Contest and Blog You Should Follow

Today I was checking out my blogs and came across on of my faves THE DAINTY SQUID.  She has a wonderful blog full of crafts, and amazingly cute things. I was perusing her post and came acrossed the most amazing contest. 

 photo from the Dainty Squid Blog

Its to win Clyde The Robot from The Love Bot Factory, the contest is from July 15-19th and all you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite robot and extra entries from posting on other websites about the contest. Its that Easy and it could win you the cutest robot besides Winston Gentalbot (my fav).
I highly suggest you check out the blog and the Love Bot Factory and enter this amazing giveaway!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lady Gaga Makes Me Smile

Now I know that I said I would do a food and shoppe portion of my trip to the Wizarding World. After much thought I figured I would skip it. Opening day was so crazy most of the shoppes were too jammed packed for a good look and the food I ate was normal chicken fingers. Not to crazy of a difference from the rest of the park. My recomendations: Fish and Chips from the Three Broom Sticks and Frozen Butterbeer. It taste like cream soda and rootbeer plus it has an amazing froth on top!

The Cups at the Wizarding World

The First Sip

Now with that out of the way.......The Real Post
Now I have a ridic obsession with a lot of things in the world in my short 22 almost 23yr old life. One is Harry Potter, if you couldnt already tell. Then comes Twilight, Zombies (OBTR), Crafts, Scrapbooking, History, Cop Shows, OCD/Hoarding Shows, and the list goes on and on. A current obsession and guilty pleasure is LADY GAGA! What is the deal with her (in a good way)? 
She has crazy style and this I dont care attitude and Glee did a Gaga episode. I just find it hard not to be happyt and dance when her songs come on the radio. They are infectious, catchy, and fun all around. I encourage all to atleast listen to Bad Romance or Papparzzi and not find it stuck in your head. Here are some amazing Gaga photos I enjoy!