Friday, July 9, 2010

Lady Gaga Makes Me Smile

Now I know that I said I would do a food and shoppe portion of my trip to the Wizarding World. After much thought I figured I would skip it. Opening day was so crazy most of the shoppes were too jammed packed for a good look and the food I ate was normal chicken fingers. Not to crazy of a difference from the rest of the park. My recomendations: Fish and Chips from the Three Broom Sticks and Frozen Butterbeer. It taste like cream soda and rootbeer plus it has an amazing froth on top!

The Cups at the Wizarding World

The First Sip

Now with that out of the way.......The Real Post
Now I have a ridic obsession with a lot of things in the world in my short 22 almost 23yr old life. One is Harry Potter, if you couldnt already tell. Then comes Twilight, Zombies (OBTR), Crafts, Scrapbooking, History, Cop Shows, OCD/Hoarding Shows, and the list goes on and on. A current obsession and guilty pleasure is LADY GAGA! What is the deal with her (in a good way)? 
She has crazy style and this I dont care attitude and Glee did a Gaga episode. I just find it hard not to be happyt and dance when her songs come on the radio. They are infectious, catchy, and fun all around. I encourage all to atleast listen to Bad Romance or Papparzzi and not find it stuck in your head. Here are some amazing Gaga photos I enjoy!

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