Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wow Time Flies When Your In Class

Long time no blog!

Life has been  crazy here with school, work, and being a wife. But now with the school semester over and Christmas around the corner its staying busy with shopping, crafting, and life in general. I have exciting news my lovely friend Sara is knitting me super sweet Harry Potter scarfs that rock the socks off any thing I have seen. She is so talented and I am so happy to have made a friend in her. I cannot wait for our Harry Potter marathon and craft day!

 As I said I have been crafting a little here and there and I made these amazing ornaments for my two favorite ladies and the Starbucks, Sara and Cassi! Im so excited about these I may make more! So shameless plug if your interested hit me up and we can make a deal lol! Here is the quad-ta-pus for Cassi, he is super cute with his top hat and mustache. I am a lady who loves her facial hair and he looks dapper with it. Not pictured his snidely whiplash eye brows.

Now Sara posted on Facebook about a Dachshund ornament and I could not wait to try and make one for her tree. Its so cute in its hat and bow tie a wonderful addition to the tree and a home with the cutest Dachshund ever!

I am so excited to make more of these and expand my abilities with felt and on to the sewing world! Always looking for new ideas, and new project on the horizon I want to try needle felting to make super cute animals like this

 Or this lil guy!

I am so excited and for all the juicy details on the Indie Craft Fair go over to the Lovely Lemon's blog! All you have to do is click Sara's name up top!
I'm excited for all that's coming up!