Thursday, July 29, 2010

Craft List For The Year

So after my party I have been a lil low on craft ideas that can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Without becoming too bummed I have decided to create a list of crafts or crafty talents to teach myself by the end of the year but if all the crafty bloggers I read can accomplish this so can I.

  1. Sew this skirt from Freshly Picked 
  2. Learn how to create felt creatures like the ones in Aranzi Aronzo's books like The Cute Book
  3. Learn to knit (like everyone else in the world lol) I am a scarf nut and this way I can create my own.
  4. Finish my wedding scrap book (this involves printing and countless hours of stickering)
  5. Create a more versatile crafting space with more storage (hey i know not a crafting idea but it involves crafting)
  6. Make more head bands of different creatures for friends and become great at it and move on from felt and yarn.....I'm thinking dinos?
  7. Become craftier with my baking skills and that means zombie items oh yeah
  8. Start a quilt from old t-shirts or another material......(yes got the idea from eclipse but who doesn't want a quilt made from snugly old tees?)
  9. Find old frames and revamp them for decoration an framing purposes
  10. Start painting anything and everything I can.
So I give myself a year from today and lets see how far I can get

Here's to a year of crafting

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