Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Goals 2012

So I have been thinking a lot and I mean a lot about where I am headed both in my personal and professional life. I am in a limbo so to speak and it is the first time in my life that I feel I have no direction. I have places that I want to be and things I want to do but its all a jumbled mess. I know many go through this can I get an amen :) 

So I decided instead of having a pity party for myself I wrote down a list of goals that I want to accomplish to help get my thoughts and a direction for my life at this point in time to be in. So here they are written on my dry erase board in my office.

Short Term Goals

1. blog everyday: I want to start having a post almost everyday of the week and not lapse for a long period of time
2. Sew a Piece of Clothing: by this I mean create a piece of clothing from scratch. Using a tutorial at first then creating my own from my brain
3. Cook Something Not Americanized: I want to try to cook new foods from different cultures and not just chili or burritos 
4. Dress Out of My Comfort Zone: I am a tee shirt and shorts kind of person and when I mean tee shirts, they usually have a geeky slogan or cute animal on them. I want to start wearing more fashion forward clothing and step out of my comfort zone just a little

Mid Term Goals

1. Open an ETSY Shop: I really want to do this to get my creations out there and make someone excited as I am when I find something on ETSY.
2. Do a Run or Walk for Charity: I have always wanted to do one of these for a good cause. There are so many to choose from its hard but by the end of the year I want to do at least 2. 
3. Redecorate My Guest Bathroom: I really want to do a theme bathroom and spruce up our guest bathroom for visitors. 
4.Organize Office: Right now my office is a mix between studying cave and craft room. I want to fuse both without having a crazy mess everywhere all the time. Its really distracting and makes it hard to get the creative juices going

Long Term Goals

1. Be an Employed Social Science Teacher: This is my dream and I will obtain it. Nothing beats teaching kids and having them understand the world around them.
2. Stay Organized: This is going to be a on going process that I am going to need help conquering. Must find a Type A personality! 

Daily Goals

Be Positive
Be Awesome
Be a Great Wife, Daughter, and Friend
Do a Random Act of Kindness No Matter How Small

Ill keep you all up to date on how I am doing with my goals after organizing everything I feel a lot better. I also feel ready to take them on and cross them off my list! 

What are some goals that you have set for yourself this year?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Smile Its Friday #4

Here are some of the things that I that made me smile this week!

Nope No Treasure

 The Cool Kids Table

 Thats Me In The Tie and Leanna In the Blue Shirt
 You've Been Rick Rolled...Enjoy

 Considered and Discussed

 Organize Before They Rise

 Disney Always Makes Me Smile and This Picture Seems So Magical

 My Birthday Cake From the Super Hero Party (which I forgot in my party post)

Honeydew Milk Tea and Hair Cuts (they mean girl time with a good friend)

Hope These Started Off Your Weekend Right!
Have a fantastic weekend

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Week Through My Camera Phone

For all my lovelies today I have highlights from my week! I hope you enjoy

 My History Heart Soared When I Saw The Federalist Wine

 Living Off Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches and Left Over Super Hero Cutlery

 My Mom Found This Wedding Set For Devin and I at an Antique Store

 Hung Out With These Lovely Ladies and Thrifted Our Hearts Out

 My New Display For My Mugs

Started To Sew Some Things Like This Old Tee With My New Sewing Machine

Still Have My Birthday Cards on Display

The Only Thing Playing In My Car This Week 

So thats been my week, and its not over yet :)

Tomorrow: Smile Its Friday

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Super Hero Party

 It was a great time thanks to my fellow super-heros that came to the party!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Museum

Last Tuesday Devin and I both had the day off, and we decided to take a trip. I suggested Sarasota and Devin agreed so we got in the car Kindle in hand and a full tank of gas. We were driving to our destination and I was reading in the front seat as usual and I realized hey we have been driving for a long time (Sarasota is 45mins away from our house) and I realized we were in Port Charlotte Florida. So I asked him where we were going and he said said its a surprise. That little stinker tricked me and next thing we know were in Fort Myers (2hrs from our house) at the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Museum! It was a a wonderful day of exploring the grounds and learning about these influential men.

Although we did go to Sarasota on the way back to catch the sunset

Hope you enjoyed our trip..tomorrow my birthday pictures