Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Wizarding Par-Tay

Whats up my fellow bloggers and bloggetts I know it has been a while but July is a busy month for me. Its my brothers, moms and my birthday within weeks of each other. So for my birthday this  year the big 23 I decided that I would have a Harry Potter themed party to celebrate the 7th movie premiering and the opening of the land at Universal Studios.  I had some start up help from my lovely blogger buddy and Starbucks Partner in Crime, The Lovely Lemon she sent me some ideas to have an awesome party. 

The sign the guest saw before they entered my house

Tapestries in the Living Room

Center Pieces on the tables

 The Floating Candles (excuse the mess)

After the guest ate I had a mass sorting into the four houses of Hogwarts by Sorting Hat! My Mom and Dad did a wonderful job of creating my own song hat that would make JK Rowling jealous.

 Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat Song Before The Sorting

The Prefects: left to right
Gryffindor- Myself
Slytherin- Diana
Ravenclaw- Alex
Hufflepuff- Leanna

The Sorting Was Awesome

After the sorting we all moved to our houses and played an awesome game of Harry Potter Scene It. To the winner went this amazing House Cup also made by my Mom

Oh Scabbers!

The Cup went to Slytherin!

It was a wonderful party and a Harry Potter Party is not complete without Butter Beer!

I want to thank all of the people who came and helped with the creation of this awesome party. At the bottom are links to websites to help you with your Harry Potter Party

I cant wait till my next themed party!  What ideas can you think of?


Sara said...

Thanks for the shout out lovely lady! The party was so much fun!!! (especially because I helped win the house cup!!

My theme party idea: Cowboys and Indians!

AndThePickles said...

cowboys and indians would be epic! Great idea and no probs with the shout out!