Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Current Read: Let The Right One In

Now that I have read all 11 books in the Pretty Little Liars series (the 12 is due in December) I feel content enough to move on to another book that has been on my shelf for a good minute. I purchased this book when Borders was going out of business here in Florida. I will admit that I fell in love with the American film before I bought the book. 

This book is called Let The Right On In and its about a little boy named Oskar living in Sweden in the 80s. He is a kid that gets picked on a lot in school and does not have many friends. One night he meets a girl and he finds her strange but intriguing. They form a friendship but soon he finds out that she is not what she seems and his whole world is turned upside down. If you have seen the trailer (which you can view here) you can figure out whats up.

I usually like to read the books before they become movies. I am the type of person that even though I complain about film adaptation I still like to see how the directors interpreted the book into film. With that being said I was a little out of my element in seeing a movie and then reading the book. So far I am extremely happy with the book it has the right amount of suspense and things so far that they could not really incorporate into the Swedish and American Film adaptions ( I have seen both). If you like horror novels I would recommend this one defiantly it has vivid writing and great character development.

What are you reading this week?


Sara Kent said...

I'm not sure I'm down for a read like this.....but I am still extremely interested in the movie!hmm....maybe I'll get it a Redbox for Matt and I tonight?

Breanna said...

I think you will like the movie I know your tolerance for gore and violence. Its got minimal for both. It actually a pretty good love story in the mist of Vamps and violence lol. If you cant get it, its on Verizon on demand and I have it actually so you can borrow it