Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Pickled Zombie vs Fashion

So after some deliberation I have decided to try a new type of post. I know most do a what i wore post but as you know I am not one for fashion. I am for comfort and fast dressing ability. It feels like I don't have time to decide what shirt goes with what and should I match my bag :) 

So with keeping one of my goals in mind (which you can read here) I have decided to give you a glimpse into my fashion journey. Every few weeks I will give you a peek into the dressing room as I venture into stores and choose different outfits. The added bonus is I will tell you if I bought the outfit or not. There is a plus side for me the blogger as well, I want YOU the reader to tell me if you liked the outfits and if I should by them. See its a win/win for all. So lets get this party started!

How I normally look besides the face :)

Outfit 1 

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

So in the end I bought only the sweater from outfit 1 
I know very uneventful to say the least. 
So that makes the score
Pickled Zombie- 0.5 and Fashion- 1

So leave some comments let me know what you think about the segment and the fashion choices


Ashlee said...

I LOVE number 1 and 4! :)

Sara Kent said...

I love love LOVE this idea! I ADORE that top from outfit 2 on you! A bit out of character, but I can see you rockin' it with some jewel toned cardigans! I also LOVE the dress, especially with the striped cardigan!...but I'm not so sure it would end up in the rotation for you all that much...but it looks awesome on you! :)