Friday, July 6, 2012

Smile Its Friday #1

So Friday for sometime now has been super specific list of things that I love to do or watch. I have come to realize that this may not work for this blog. As a blogger knowing what is going to work for you blog and your readers is a must. So from now on Fridays are going to be about things that have made me smile through the week. I hope that these things will also make you smile and have a great start to your weekend. So lets begin!

 How Cute Are Animals Caught In Action! I just found out about Hover Animals it is a collection of animals in crazy hovering positions, it really is the best site ever!

I never know what is too fancy, I am glad I have this guide to help
 (via pinterest)

I love this because Indiana Jones is a super hipster!

I wish I could find out if the slugs made it through the maze!

Yes I wish Devin would have asked me to marry him this way!
I hope you enjoy the changes to my Friday segment! Let me know what you think in the comment section because inquiring minds want to know and by that I mean mine.

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