Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Madness

So Its finally July! Can you guys believe it? This month has always been a super crazy time for me since I was a kid. My Mom calls July birthday month because: My Brother Cody's, Mom's and Mine are all in July and within weeks of each other.

 Cody: July 3

 Mom: July 20

Me: July 21

So it crazy finding presents and planning get togethers. It literally takes all month it feels to get everything and make sure the birthdays are perfect. My Mom has always stressed birthdays and how they are your special day. Every year when I lived at home as the birthday boy/girl you were allowed to pick the dinner and not have to do anything all day. It was the best! 

So as an adult I still do the same thing not just for my birthday but for everyone else's. Right now I am in the middle of planning my quarter of a century party, and putting the final touches on the invitees and details. Later in the week I am going to show you my process in creating a themed party. I am really excited for that! 

So all in all I am going to be a busy lady this month! Are there any months that your family calls birthday months?

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