Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To: Plan A Theme Party

Now when it comes to throwing parties, I consider myself decently good at it. I love the idea of creating something that people will have fun at and go WOW! Throwing a party that has a theme is sometimes a challenge and takes a lot of planning and time. Here is how I plan and execute a themed party.

1. Find A Theme

Well this sounds silly but you can't throw a party with out one. There are many that you can choose from and from that you can begin to create decorations and other party necessities. Some of my previous ones have been Harry Potter and recently super heroes. If you ever need help with ideas for parties always check out Pinterest or my favorite Hostess with the Mostess. Below are some themes that I have done in the past:

Lumber Jack and Harry Potter


2. Create List After List

List making is essential to planning a party. I make several through out the planning process. I make list for guest, food, decorations, party games, who has food allergies or special diets, and goodie bags (if applicable). These list as a party planner help you organize your thoughts and allow you to start to see how your party will come together. 

3. Create a Budget

When your planning a party it is easy to let your ideas run wild and begin to spend a ridiculous amount of money on things you end up not using for the party. So write up a budget on how much you want to spend on food, drinks, decorations, party favors, party attire, etc. To cut back on cost instead of buy decorations make them your self. There are many tutorials and printables on the internet to help you make things for your party (more on that later).

(via word clip art)

4. What's For Dinner?

When planning a party food is just as important as decorations. Having the right food can set your party off right. I generally have parties near dinner time and provide food for my guests. The food you have generally does not have to be themed unless you want it to be or you can come up with theme appropriate names for your food items. Another thing that is important when it comes to food is knowing your guests dietary needs. For example I have friends that are vegetarians, have gluten allergies, lactose intolerant, and vegans. Its very difficult to find food that fits all of their needs. Knowing this ahead of time helps you create a menu to suit their needs. 
(photo from Hello My Sweet's Blog)

5. Craft Till You Drop

Like I stated earlier crafting allows you to save money and put your own person touches on the party. A lot of times you can cut your cost by purchasing parts of an item at your local hardware or craft stores than going to Party City or WalMart to shop for pre-made decorations. If your not the crafty type hit up dollar stores or enlist the help of a crafty party goer to help you with the decorations. Below are some tutorials on decorations and party specific printables for ideas. 

6. Put It All Together

On the days leading up to the event I start decorating the house with the bigger decorations that way on the big day I only have to worry about finishing touches and food.  Its always a great idea to have some friends (who are willing) to come over on the big day and help you set it up before all the other guests arrive. This way you can have people doing specific tasks like: food prep, decorations, putting together goodie bags, and helping with some final cleaning. 

7. Have Fun
I have trouble with this one a lot when it comes to throwing parties. I put so much work into them that I am worrying if people are enjoying it and having fun. As a party thrower you have to be a good host/hostess but a part of that is having fun. Once the guest are fed its time to kick back, enjoy your hard work, and the company you have. 

I hope you all have found this helpful in trying to create your own theme party! If you have any questions you can contact me here at the blog or leave a comment. Until next time happy party planning everyone. 

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