Friday, June 15, 2012

My Friday List #5: Guilty Pleasures

So I have a few things that I consider to be my guilty pleasures in life. Its not that I am ashamed of them I love every minute of them so here they are in a list. 

1. Pretty Little Liars (the book and the TV show)

Even though I just blogged about this book, which you can read here, I have to tell you its a major guiltily pleasure. This book/TV series has it all: blackmail, scandal, not knowing who to trust, and creepy text messages from a person/persons named A. I recommend either to read or watch the show it always has me on the edge of my seat.

2. Peanut Butter

Yep you read right, I am in love with peanut butter. I will eat peanut butter on almost everything, from ice cream to fruit. It is the best and I do not think I will ever tire of this delicious spread :)

3. The gLee Project

I love watching this show! It has everything gLee does but with an elimination round. Its fun to root for my favorites week after week and argue with Ryan Murphy's decisions on who to cut. 

4. Man V. Food

Adam Richman is a food God to me. Where ever he eats I must eat. Some call it an obsession I just say that I have a guilty pleasure for good food and TV. 

5. Pinterest

This website consumes a lot of my Mac battery life. Everyday I am trolling for new things to pin and new boards to create. I love finding new recipes to try, home decode ideas, fashion tips, and funny geek memes. This place plays to all of my different sides (a girl has to be multidimensional)! I have said this multiple times in this blog if your still a noob to Pinterest, I would become a winner and join now!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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Ashlee said...

I love PLL and that darn abc family is getting me hooked on ore of their shows!! I am trying to avoid pinterest! I know once I give in I'll be spending lots of time on there!!