Sunday, June 10, 2012

Craft From Pinterest I Want To Try

After being on Pinterest for a while I have realized my need to craft has grown into an obsession. Unfortunately I have Pinterest overload, and do not know where to start, so I am going to start to compartmentalize to figure out which one I want to start first. 

1. DIY Peter Pan Collar: There is just something about this collar that I love! Its so classic and it can spruce up any tee shirt. 

2. Fabric Covered Mats: A nice way to spruce those boring mats that come with your picture frames. I have a gallery wall in the house that could use this. 

3. Vintage Mason Jar Oil Photos: This is a really cute way to display your photos in the house 

4. Bow Skirt: I have always wanted to make my own clothes, and once I procure a sewing machine I will.   This is the first project I will undertake!

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