Friday, May 25, 2012

My Friday List #2: Favorite Getaways

As I said in a previous post Devin and I love day trips! Here are are my three all time favorite places to visit and spend my days or vacations.


I love this place the most because no matter your age you can always be a kid!

Disney is also a super special place because it is where Devin asked me to marry him right behind that beautiful castle at the wishing well :)

2. Colorado
Its a beautiful place to visit and I love spending time with Devin and his Family. It is a state full of people who like to be outdoorsy and thats is definitely up our alley
Although next time we need to go when I can wear shorts comfortably :)

3. Rainbow Springs
It is an amazing park about 2 hours North in Ocala. We always like to visit the park with our closest friends and cook out near the spring. The best part about Rainbow Springs is the abandoned zoo (its very zombie apocalyptic)!

Those are my top three places to visit for a day trip or vacation. I would like to know what are some of yours?

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