Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Song Is On Repeat In My Head

I cannot get Regina Spektor's song Hero out of my head after I watched 500 days of Summer on Sunday. Its played during my favorite part of the movie where they play Tom's expectations vs his reality. This song goes beautifully with this scene of the movie. If you haven't seen 500 Days of Summer you need too its one of those movies that sticks with you and you have to watch every time its on TV or movie channel.

Heres the clip

If you love the song heres the full one here

What songs are stuck in your head right now?


Sara Kent said...

that scene is one of my favorites in the movie....so clever. And yes, that song gets stuck in me head every time! The 500 days of summer soundtrack is one of my very favorite albums....so much goodness!

Breanna said...

I know right I am going to have to download it to have it all the time!