Friday, March 11, 2011

Round the Cupcake bend

So I know I have been MIA from this place of mind dumpage but I still have been up to baking crazily. Its been recently that I have developed an unnatural love for the art of cupcakes. Now I have know for a little while now that my dream attainable job besides teaching (which is my first love..well history is but teaching is awesome) would be to open a cupcake shop. Id call it Bre's Sweet Cakes and I would want to open it with my two best friends Diana and Leanna. I digress these wonderful cakes of tastey are so fun to make and to eat. Recently I figured out how to flavor batter, create fondant shapes, and perfected my own signature swirl lol.

So far in the past couple of months I have made a strawberry banana cupcake, finally did the butter-beer cupcake recipe I found and made bacon maple cupcakes. Ill have photos of bacon maple and butter-beer in a later post. My next venture is creating a root beer float cupcake with a fondant straws or making my own candy ones. I just love making them and my friends enjoy eating them so who knows you may see me on Cupcake wars soon enough. I leave you with photos of cupcakes I found on We Heart It

I love love love these I cannot wait till I can do this!

Exterminate! My other obsession is Doctor Who right now, like Sara says you have a lot of obsessions don't you?

Look how pretty this is! Perfect for a girls night!

Love the swirl

Id want my store front to look like this but bigger! The color scheme would be teals and browns so cute!

Whats you attainable goal that you would do instead of your job now?

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