Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Museum

Last Tuesday Devin and I both had the day off, and we decided to take a trip. I suggested Sarasota and Devin agreed so we got in the car Kindle in hand and a full tank of gas. We were driving to our destination and I was reading in the front seat as usual and I realized hey we have been driving for a long time (Sarasota is 45mins away from our house) and I realized we were in Port Charlotte Florida. So I asked him where we were going and he said said its a surprise. That little stinker tricked me and next thing we know were in Fort Myers (2hrs from our house) at the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Museum! It was a a wonderful day of exploring the grounds and learning about these influential men.

Although we did go to Sarasota on the way back to catch the sunset

Hope you enjoyed our trip..tomorrow my birthday pictures

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