Friday, June 29, 2012

My Friday List #6: Favorite Things In Pennsylvania

So hello to my readers its been ages since I have posted but as you know I have been on vacation to Pittsburgh to take in some sights and see some very special people. So it is fitting that my Friday List this week is the top things I loved about Pittsburgh! I will recap the trip later so here is a short glimpse of the things I loved from our vacation:

1.Historcal Sights

I make it no secret that I am a huge history buff and somewhat of an addict especially when it comes to Colonization through the Industrial Revolution in America. So when Devin and I decide to make a trip I always say well lets go see this historical battlefield or even street sign. So Pittsburgh had  it all of within the confines of its downtown and beyond.

 Fort Pitt Flag Bastion in Downtown Pittsburgh

 Fort Pitt Blockade House in Downtown Pittsburgh

Fort Necessity in Farmington Pa

2. The Nature 

I know this is a weird title for this but it is true. The landscape of Florida is somewhat boring to me. Its flat and has no character to it and it seems less natural than other states. So Pennsylvania had it from mountains to streams I felt very one with nature.

3. Zombie Landmarks

For me being a zombie enthusiast George A. Romero is my hero. He recreated the genre and made it was it is today. He is from Pennsylvania and he filmed two of his most famous movies there. So I knew from the beginning we needed to seek out this spots. 
The first is where Night of the Living Dead was filmed, and the remake was filmed there too. 

and then there is where Dawn of the Dead was filmed: The Monroeville Mall. A quick side note, they has a zombie walk the day we visited but I was a couple hours to late to catch the action....

4. Seeing Special People

While in Pennsylvania we saw Devins Great Grandparents (to the left) and his Great Aunt and Uncle (we are in between them). We had a great time at lunch and hanging out on their porch in the nice weather. 

We also met up with my friend Chris and his blushing bride Jayde for a zoo/movie day and to watch True Blood. It was wonderful seeing them and it was a great way to end the trip

Thats it for the list! What are some favorite things from your past vacations?

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