Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Novice Photographer

Here is my dirty secret....I am not good at photography. I use the automatic settings on my Kodak and hope for the best. I am very intrigued by photography and try to take decent shots but fall short. I finally got the urge to borrow my friend Tyler's very expensive and drool worthy Cannon. Heres some shots I did around the house using the manual setting (eep!)

 My Best Friend and Twin Leanna
 The Front Of Our Lovely Home
 Random Shrub In Our Front Yard
 My Happy Thrifited Gnome
 Bedroom Shot
 Self Portrait 
 Frame on Back Fence
 Sneak Peek of My Hand Crafted Goodies

 Bow Ties Are Cool
 The TARDIS and My Thrifted Deer
 Friendly Turtle Visitors
 They Are Every Where
Roscoe Hates Cameras Now :( But I Can Always Distract Him With His Favorite Toy :)

Its hard to put yourself out there for the first time, I welcome your comments and constructive criticism. It will help me become better as a photographer for this blog and for my own person preservation of memories.


Ole Wise One said...

I think the Camera makes all the difference in the world.
Your photos are REALLY good.

Ole Wise One said...

The think the camera can make all the difference in the world - being a GREAT photographer is knowing how to use it but CREATIVITY is what makes GREAT photos stand out from good photos. Your well on your way.