Friday, May 18, 2012

My Friday Lists #1: Nerdraging

This is going to be a regular feature here at the Pickled Zombie. Each Friday there will be a new list of things I am currently obsessed or inspired by. For my list this week its going to be all things nerdy. Lets get it started:

1. Zombies

The number one rule is organize before they rise. I pride myself on keeping up to date with all things zombie. From books, to movies, to documentaries on the subject I am obsessed. With constant talks of nuclear and bio weapons it is possible that zombies could in fact roam the earth so why not be prepared?  After a poll of all my friends 95% of them would either shack up with me or consult me in a zombie apocalypse. I am always up for a Zombie Consultation. 

2. Super Heroes

From flesh eating monsters to super heroes lets do it. I have always been drawn to men in tights haha. With all seriousness the story of an under dog forced to fight for whats right is something I will always fight for. Like Captain America said, “I don’t like bullies.” I know super heroes are in right now but I will always be in love with these masked men and women. 

3. Joss Whedon

 I was never a big Joss Whedon fan, I hear the cries from the nerd kingdom already. (please save the boos and hisses). Until recently (my redemption moment) with directing Cabin In the Woods and the Avengers he has won my heart. I am now watching Firefly and wishing it would come back in some form or he will grace us with another gem. 

4.Horror Films

Many feel that zombies and horror movies go hand in hand like unicorns and kittens but they do not. They are a subset of an intricate genre of movies that is expansive. I have been watching horror films since I was 13 years old. For some reason they fascinate me. If a horror movie is on no matter how terrible its on my TV and I have to watch it. Call me Hipster but I loved horror movies before they were cool.

5.Doctor Who

Trailer from Season 7 with the 11 Doctor
   From the first episode I watch with David Tennant I was hooked. A time lord that flies around space in a British Police Phone box saving the universe, sign me up. This show is funny, touching, and clever all with in the same episode. The writers for this show are amazing at pulling things from past episodes that you forget about and they tie it in. I love shows that mess with time lines because they are wibbly wobbly timey wimey!

I now ask you the reader, what are some nerdy things that made your list?


Sara Kent said...

hmmm. nerdy things....Harry Potter is something I am definitely still nerding out about! lol

and Once Upon a Time has got me sucked in like whoa!
...also Disney....forever!! :)

Breanna said...

Well you know me Potter Head forever :)

So you finally are getting see the back end of the Once Upon A Time season super good!

I could do a whole list on Disney alone and I just might lol

Sara Kent said... a disney list!! :)