Friday, August 20, 2010

So Long Summer and Some New Creations

So as most of you know or do not know I am a college student at USF in Florida and my summer ends this Sunday and I return to the world of Academia and Football games. There are a lot of upcoming events I am looking forward to during this fall semester and I will list them conveniently for you! :0 (my surprised emoticon)

  1. Labor Day (lol)
  2. Pumpkin Spice Everything at Work and other establishments
  3. INDIE CRAFT FAIR Oct 16! (more details to come)
  4. Halloween Party at My Place. Scary Movies and Scary Treats
  6. Spending Vacation with the Hubbs
  7. Thanksgiving and Christmas
  8. Using the Cozy my lovely coworker Sara made me pictured next to the taco and Gryffindor pen


I think that is an awesome list. Anyway back to the crafting, so i have been feverishly working on trying to create an inventory for this craft fair. Although my mom has gifted me with her a.d.d. lol and I have started another project as well and that is headbands. I do not have a finished product but when I do I will show you. Although I do have one hair comb and barrette I can show you instead. I hope you enjoy them!!!


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