Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favorite Boys on Televison Right Now

So I have a lot of guilty pleasures that I watch on TV.....its a nice way to unwind from a long day at school or work. So I decided to make a list of my favorite boys from those shows to give you a run down of why they are awesome!

Fin and Jake from Adventure Time
Whats not to love about a boy and his dog trying to save people and be heroes?
Oh and sing in auto tune!

Finn (Cory Monteith) from Glee
I absolutly love Glee and Finn. He is a jock who is the main singer of the Glee club. He is an amazing all American guy and wonderful singer. A lovable character who always steals your heart at the end of the episode.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) from Glee
He is the funny out landish gay glee guy on the show. He is wonderful throughout the seasons and he always can stick up for himself and teaches everyone being different is the best.

Eli (Munro Chambers) from Degrassi
Yes I watch Degrassi and for those you who do not know what Degrassi is, its a Canadian teen drama that follows a secondary school and the lives of its students. The motto of the show is Degrassi: it goes there. It really does from teen pregnacy to school shootings it covers it all. Although this new character is awesome he drives a herse to school and he has caught the heart of my favorite female character Claire. Very sensetive/hot headed emo kid need I say more. His storyline was the best and almost ended in his death on the season finale last night. 

Reno from the Colony
If you have not seen The Colony on the Discovery Channel you should. Its a show about 9 people who have to rebuild after a pandemic. Its completely a controlled environment and its in Louisiana. This show is great they have to invent ways to gain create a sound shelter, collect food and create energy. Reno is my favorite because he is constantly creating things to keep the colony running. This week he built a windmill and its in the background of this photo.  I would love to have him in a pandemic/apocalyptic situation.

Those are my favorite tv boys/men who are yours?

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