Friday, June 11, 2010

Albums I Cannot Live Without

Dude Ranch By Blink 182

This is my favorite album by my favorite band of all time. This band always can pick me up when I am feeling down. With their catchy and some what immature songs its a good pick me up when your feeling down

Take This To Your Grave By Fall Out Boy

This album should win most clever and angry album of the century. This is an album I listen to pump up and get ready for work or school. It gives me the kick I need to get going in the morning. Nothing says get moving like telling someone that you wouldn't piss to put them out

Leaving Through The Window By Something Corporate

This album reminds me of simpler times and piano rock. This album is a great one foe road trips or driving around the bay with the best friend. This band was my first floor show and you know what they say.......
You always remember your first.

So I wanna know what are the albums or album you cant live with out?

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