Monday, June 18, 2012

Devin and I: the Dating Years

So this week is our 3 year wedding anniversary and to celebrate we are taking a trip to Pittsburgh. So I thought I would give you an insight to our relationship from: dating, to engagement ,to the wedding, to now.  I hope you enjoy the journey through our relationship!


Devin and I knew each other through mutual friends that we had from high school. We did not officially meet until I was in my first year of college. After hanging out a couple of times and getting to know each other  in November he finally asked me out on a date using a tee shirt and a bleach pen to write on it "will you be my boo". It was super cute and from that point on I was hooked!

Jumping In Miami for Spring Break

 Our First Christmas Together At a Friends House

 Playing Around At The Home We Now Share

 At The USF v WVU Game 

Tomorrow: The Engagement Story!

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